Celebrity Pets
1834 Merriman Rd. Akron, OH 44313

Celebrity Pets Salon and Grooming in Akron

At Celebrity Pets Salon and Grooming in Akron, OH, we are committed to making your pet feel like a STAR! We provide the best pet grooming services in Akron at our salon and boutique. Not only will your pet receive the highest level of treatment in a professional grooming environment, but they will also experience the fun and relaxation of a complete pet spa day!

For pets that are comfortable hanging out with their fellow spa friends relaxing, we have our parlor available for them to be cared for by their favorite groomers. If you pet prefers alone time away from other spa guests, we can accommodate them too! There’s plenty of room at Celebrity Pets for everyone to be where they feel most comfortable.

Pet Grooming At Our Pet Salon in Akron?

Besides the fact that grooming your pet makes them look and feel great, there are also health benefits to having your pet groomed. Grooming requires an all-over check performed by the groomers, and they can often help identify concerns such as infected ears, skin sores, ingrown toenails, and more. Because our groomers care so much about the health of your pet and will make sure that all pets staying within our facility are up-to-date on their vaccinations.