Veterinary Services

Your companion and friend is our top priority at each of our Ohio animal hospital locations. Valley Animal Hospital, Brunswick Animal Hospital, Harts Animal Hospital, and Solon Animal Hospital are dedicated to the most complete care for your pet’s lifelong health.

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Pet Preventive Care

Two keys to pet health and longevity are complete dental care and proper nutrition. Our Ohio Pet Vet locations are all fully-equipped to provide the products and services that your pet needs for their lifelong health. Our veterinary team at each of our Ohio veterinary hospitals can assist you in making the best choices about your pets preventive care needs, from dental care to nutritional concerns.

Pet Vaccinations are also an extremely important part of prevention. Our Ohio Pet Vet veterinary hospitals work closely with you and your pet to determine the best possible vaccination plan based on your lifestyle. Our veterinarians know that each pet is an individual and we take many factors into consideration as we determine each patient’s vaccination protocol. Some of the things we consider are exposure, age, lifestyle, and overall health. We always provide that state-mandated vaccines such as rabies, and we can discuss all other vaccinations with you individually at your pet’s next preventive visit.

As your pet reaches their “senior” years, some of our basic medical care may change in keeping with your pet’s physical changes. We are committed to keeping a close eye on your pet as they age so we can identify new health issues as they arise and treat them accordingly. Our regular preventive screenings are usually expanded for senior pets, including blood work and x-rays in addition to the diagnostics frequently provided to younger pets.

The veterinarians at our Ohio Pet Vet hospitals are committed to on-going, lifelong veterinary care for our patients. We strive to work together with you to eliminate potential health hazards and create strong immunities for your pet.

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General and Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is extremely important for sick pets and our highly-qualified veterinary team at Ohio Pet Vet is dedicated to addressing these concerns. If serious health conditions arise, we have the advanced medical equipment needed to provide blood testing, fluid and electrolyte therapy, radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, and more, as needed.

Pet Endoscopy

We use endoscopy to retrieve foreign bodies out of the stomach without using invasive surgery. Our endoscope allows us to see the bladder, intestines, stomach, or colon as well, enabling us to take biopsies or medically evaluate these areas without having to perform surgery on your pet.

Pet Dermatology

Skin problems are often troublesome conditions that are distressing for both the pet and the owner. Ohio Pet Vet animal hospitals provide dermatology services that include allergy testing, scrapings, cultures, and biopsies to diagnose skin conditions. We are also equipped to provide special shampoos and other therapeutic remedies which are prescribed according to need.


The Ohio Pet Vet animal hospitals recommend annual fecal and heartworm tests to prevent infestation and environmental contamination. We provide a variety of new products designed to facilitate easy control of unwanted pests.

Pet Pain Management

Pet pain is no laughing matter. Over the years, we have seen the emergence of so many wonderful pain management medications for the veterinary field. Our veterinary team utilizes these pain medications on a regular basis, especially following pet surgeries and other painful events. Pets that suffer from acute or chronic pain can get relief through carefully monitored pharmaceuticals. These enable them to enjoy a more comfortable and mobile life.

Pet Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is an incredible pain management and treatment tool that the Ohio Pet Vet veterinary hospitals have added to our array of excellent veterinary services. Laser therapy is a surgery free, drug free, noninvasive treatment option designed to reduce pain and inflammation and speed healing!

The therapy laser works by emitting a beam of laser light that deeply penetrates tissue, stimulating healing cells. This stimulation is a biological response called “photo-bio-modulation.” Laser therapy can be used for:

Acute Conditions:

Chronic Conditions:

... and many more.

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our Ohio Pet Vet hospital locations have the latest in diagnostic laboratory equipment. Many pets show no signs of illness until their condition has worsened, so laboratory testing helps to ensure that your pet’s emergent health concerns are identified and treated quickly. Because our laboratories are in-house, your pet’s blood work can be reviewed in a matter of minutes.

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Pet Surgery

Ohio Pet Vet animal hospital locations provide a full array of surgical services for pets. Our surgical suites are fully equipped with the latest in veterinary technology because we believe in having only the best for your pet’s care. We utilize the most up-to-date anesthesia monitoring equipment, pre-anesthetic testing, anesthesia, and surgical tools, including laser surgery and laser therapy. Laser surgery helps prevent bleeding and is less painful for your pet. It is also especially good for use in the feline declaw procedure. The safety of each of our pet-patients is of utmost concern for our veterinary team, and we utilize these tools to minimize risks.

Surgeries that we provide include:

We are also proud to provide the services of a board certified surgeon who can perform TPLO, TTA, elbow surgery, liver shunts, and other complicated surgeries.

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Digital Radiology

The Ohio Pet Vet team strongly believes that your pet deserves the best care; this is why we offer the latest in diagnostic imaging services. We provide digital radiography for routine imaging and dental imaging, allowing us to share images with you instantly. Obtaining results quickly enables is to diagnose your pet with speed and accuracy, and treat them more effectively. With digital radiology, we have the added capability of sending out images to a veterinary radiologist for a second opinion. We can generally receive answers within thirty minutes!

Our imagine services also allow to provide certification with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and our own Dr. Manz is certified to perform PennHIP, a procedure developed by the University of Pennsylvania. These tests are designed to evaluate hip laxity and can be an early indicator for hip dysplasia.


We offer the widely-used ultrasound, or sonogram, technology at our Ohio Pet Vet locations. This excellent diagnostic tool enables us to use a non-invasive approach to evaluating the internal organs of your pet.

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Pet Dentistry

Does your pet have bad breath? If you are experiencing this with your pet, now may be the time to have your pet’s mouth examined. A healthy mouth is one of the keys to a long life in a pet, that’s why we often recommend routine dental cleanings. Research has shown that routine dental cleanings can add years to your pet’s life, and also prevent heart disease! These cleanings include a full oral examination, prophylaxis (teeth cleaning), and polishing, all of which is performed under anesthesia for your pet’s comfort. We also use bone consil, a bone grafting material to promote bone growth for tooth extractions. We suture gums closed after extractions, which provides better healing and fewer infections. We routinely use oral blocks to help with pain that occurs during dental extractions. Once your pet has a “fresh mouth,” our staff is educated to provide at-home oral care instruction to help you provide complete veterinary care on a daily basis. Most of these professional dental cleanings are recommended every 1-3 years, depending on the level of at-home care each pet receives.

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Pet Lodging

Does your pet need to have a home away from home during your next getaway? You can trust us to care for your baby as if they were our very own. Our lodging facility will provide your pet with safety, and our staff will give your pet all the love and affection they can handle! For pets who are our guest, we offer a complimentary bath and nail trim before they head home. Our Valley Animal Hospital boarding facility has won city-wide awards for the past several years, and we are proud to offer excellent service at all of our locations.

You are welcome to bring your pet’s favorite bedding, toys, or diet, but we are also able to provide for these needs. If your pet is on any medication or has any special needs that a traditional boarding facility may be unable to provide, rest assured that our highly-trained hospital staff and always-nearby veterinarians are prepared to meet your pet’s daily needs.

If you’re interested in taking a tour of our facility, please feel free to stop by anytime.

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